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The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc.

The Garden Clubs of Australia is an umbrella organisation for affiliated garden clubs with other kindred and like minded societies, associations and groups throughout Australia.
The Committee of the GCA is made up from members of Affiliates and are all volunteers.

Our motto is “Friendship Through Gardens.”

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Who we are

The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation formed by Mrs Margaret Davis OBE in 1950. The organisation provides a range of services to its members (affiliated clubs) and currently has a membership in excess of 700 affiliated clubs representing more than 45,000 individuals.
The Garden Clubs Of Australia inc. is managed and co-ordinated by an Honorary Committee consisting of up to 20 members nominated by affiliated clubs and elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee consists of the President, Secretary, Minutes Secretary,Treasurer, Senior Vice President, two Vice Presidents, Director of Zones, Registrar of Judges, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editorial Committee, Sales Officer, Functions Officer, Webmaster, Publicity Officer, Resources & Development Officer, and other positions as deemed necessary. With the exception of President, Secretary & Treasurer, the duties of all positions, including sub-committees, are allocated by the committee at the first committee meeting after the election.
Affiliated member clubs of The Garden Clubs Of Australia Inc. are divided into more than 55 zones, which do not necessarily follow state boundaries. Each zone has an appointed Zone Co-ordinator who assists with the exchange of information and can also assist in the formation of new clubs, help to arrange information and friendship days,  attend club meetings to provide information, or even act as Returning Officer at an AGM.
  • The primary and major object of the Club is to extend the culture of gardening into the wider community for the benefit of all citizens and, in particular:
  • To promote and encourage various aspects of community based horticulture through the following types of activities:

(a) Community – through activities such as gardens for the aged, disabled or community beautification and
recognition of individual and group efforts.
(b) Private – through encouragement of open gardens and recognition of individual efforts.
(c) Civic – through activities such as horticulture regeneration following natural disasters and
establishment of roadside rest areas.

  • To extend knowledge throughout the community of gardening, horticulture and its uses, and garden design:

(a) by organising seminars and training for members, members of affiliated and kindred organisations and
the general public,
(b) by organising and supporting the running of community garden projects,
(c) by encouraging and supporting the running of garden competitions, shows, and displays and involving
local residents in the management of such competitions and shows and displays,
(d) by conducting Judges’ Accreditation and Garden Appreciation Courses and establishing judging
standards and rules for horticultural displays and garden competitions,
(e) by producing and distributing information relating to horticulture and gardening.

  • To educate the public in the protection and conservation of our natural resources:

(a) by developing skills in conservation and environmental preservation techniques,
(b) by preparing, printing and distributing publications to educate, encourage and promote conservation
and environmental preservation techniques,
(c) by organising and providing guest speakers and presentations,
(d) by encouraging programs and activities in educational institutions.

  • To contribute to, encourage and participate in activities assisting Botanic Gardens and other like-minded
    horticultural institutions:

(a) by assisting with research programs,
(b) by encouraging affiliates to assist with planting and propagation programs,
(c) by encouraging volunteering in other associated activities.

  • To develop and co-ordinate the education of members and members of affiliated and kindred organisations through publications, conferences/workshops/seminars, correspondence and association/networking.
  • To co-operate with other agencies to further the interests of horticulture and conservation:

(a) by providing financial assistance or personal effort,
(b) by providing horticulture expertise,
(c) by providing guest speakers and presentations,
(d) by publicly recognising and commending outstanding efforts.

  • To promote and encourage areas of floral art:

(a) through use of floral art and its contribution to private and public appreciation,
(b) by providing awards for floral art efforts.

  • To encourage assistance to charities and to engage in activities to promote and assist charities either by financial gifts and/or affiliates efforts.
  • To be non-political and non-sectarian in all undertakings.
  • The Garden Clubs of Australia Incorporated motto shall be
    “Friendship Through Gardens”

Services & Affiliation

Membership (Affiliation) to The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc is available to any garden club or gardening oriented organisation. There are many benefits for affiliated clubs including a listing on the “Find a Club” pages on this site, and the right to advertise your event on the “Diary Dates” page.

The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc (GCA) is an umbrella organisation established to provide encouragement and support for the many autonomous local garden clubs functioning throughout Australia. A significant part of that support is the provision of affordable insurance at a national level which otherwise local clubs would find prohibitive.

Over 700 clubs are affiliated with the GCA and many community gardens are included. The majority of affiliates are garden clubs formed by people with a love of gardening, principally their own gardens, to share and further their experience. In recent years, community gardens have also joined in numbers, because of the insurance available.

The GCA provides help and assistance in setting up and the running of a club if required, as well as education, including a CD which is available to affiliates for $5 including postage. For further information and enquiries email the GCA Secretary. For enquiries on affiliation email the GCA Membership Secretary.

Need to recharge Insurance for 2017/18. Go to our Member’s Club Page and click on the Forms you need.

A very competitive and favourable insurance policy under The Garden Clubs of Australia Inc Master Insurance Scheme is available to affiliated clubs. The insurance Scheme offers Public Liability, Product Liability and Accident Insurance for its members, and is legal and effective across all Australian States and Territories. Two amendments to forms have been made as follows:
1. Trident Event Proposal Form Click here, and
2. Frequently Asked Questions Click here
An amendment to our Incident Report Form can also be downloaded here. Our Insurance Officer can be contacted for further details, email  Rowena Margetts or telephone Rowena on 07 3285 6862 .

Our Gardens is the quarterly magazine of the Garden Clubs of Australia Inc and each issue features articles by well-known garden writers and regular contributors on plant cultivation, garden history, flower arranging, book reviews and horticultural events. The magazine is available to members of affiliated clubs through their own club secretary but is also available by direct subscription. Enquiries are welcome from potential advertisers of products of interest to gardeners or flower arrangers etc.
The website provides information about Garden Clubs of Australia including a list of all affiliated member clubs. Seasonal Tips are provided on a regular basis, and the “Diary Dates” page details coming events. The “Links” page lists interesting sites to visit, and the “Sales” page provides a list of items that may be purchased through the GCA. The website is updated at least weekly by the GCA webmaster. If you want something on your club highlighted send in a few images and/or a tale or two about what your club’s up to these days. It is a great chance to see what others are doing in our gardening world.
Shire Councils, Clubs and other organisations that hold garden or flower competitions may obtain information from the GCA judges list including names of available judges, by contacting the Judges Registrar. There are over 50 judges and convenors from judging associations listed, giving competition organisers a range of skills and qualifications to choose from. Affilated clubs can obtain their own complete list of Registered Judges.

Judges Courses are arranged periodically through the GCA to train potential garden judges from members of Affiliated clubs.

Every two years (in the odd years) the GCA holds a Convention at a different location in Australia. The Convention runs for about 5 days and includes the GCA AGM for that year. The Convention provides an opportunity for members of affiliated clubs and their friends and families to enjoy socialising and visiting many interesting attractions at the location. Affiliated clubs can tender to organise a Convention and will receive complete support from the GCA. For details and enquiries contact the GCA Secretary.

List of committee members and positions




Carolyn Dawes

Adelaide & Northern Districts (SA)

Dean Roberts

Adelaide & Southern Districts (SA)

Joy Stinson

Ballarat & Bendigo (VIC)

Lorraine Powell

Blue Mountains (NSW)

Walter Hitchell

Brisbane North (QLD)

Rowena Margetts

Brisbane South (QLD)

Robyn Waltisbuhl

Central & Central South (QLD)


Central Coast North (NSW)

Julie Taylor

Central Coast South (NSW

Dot Kite

Central West (NSW)


Country Western District (Vic)


Cumberland (NSW)

John Graham

Far North Coast (NSW)

John Bennett

Far North QLD Cairns/Atherton (QLD)

Gabrielle Crema

Far South Coast (NSW)

Lindy Bonser

Flinders & Eyre (SA)

John Jonker

Granite Belt/Darling Downs (QLD)


Geelong/Belarine Peninsular (Vic)


Hume Border (NSW)


Hume Ovens (NSW)


Hunter North (NSW)

George Hoad

Hunter South (NSW)

Geoff Hicks; (Jeannette Lee) Assistant

Illawarra North (NSW)

Lindy Bonser

Illawarra South (NSW)

Graham Bevan

Lockyer/Darling Downs (QLD)

Craig Jurd

Lower North Coast (NSW)

George Hoad

Macquarie (NSW)

Jeanette Chown

Melbourne East/Mornington Peninsular (VIC)

Paul Lucas



Mid North Coast (NSW)

Marion Watts

MID North Yorke (SA)

Beryl Crabb

New England (NSW)

Dar Brookes

North West (NSW)

Sandra Holmes

Northern Rivers (NSW)

Michael West                                     

Perth North (WA)

Jacqui Bateman

Perth South (WA)

Ericka Stean

Riverina (NSW)

Velia O’Hare

Riverland/SE (SA)

John Menzal

Snowy Mountains (NSW)


South Coast (NSW)

Lindy Bonser

South West (NSW)


Southern Tablelands (NSW)

Mary Willis

Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Glenys Bruun

Sydney Eastern Suburbs (NSW)

Jill Drevon

Sydney Inner West (NSW)

Lorraine Emerson

Sydney North Shore (NSW)

Margaret Levick

Sydney Northern Beaches (NSW)

Margaret Makin

Sydney South West (NSW)

Priscilla Duncan

Sydney Sutherland (NSW)

John Willis

Tasmania North West (TAS)

Lyn Smith

Tasmania North & North East (TAS)

Anne Masciantonio

Tasmania South (TAS)

Norma Gordon

Tropical & Coral Coast (QLD)

Joan Farrell

Townsville/Bowen (QLD)

Iris Bennett

Upper Yarra/Goulburn Valley (VIC)

Paul Lucas

West Australia Southern (WA)

Margaret Wright

Postal Zone

Glenys Bruun